Container Haulage

Transporting products and materials to or from your business is one of the most important features of any successful company. When looking at your options, however, you are likely to come across a variety of terms such as container transport, container haulage, freight shipping, logistics, and more.

If you’re wondering “what is container transport?” or “what is container haulage?”, the following guide is to container transport services in Felixstowe and beyond will provide the answers you need.

What is Container Haulage?

Haulage is a term that covers road-based or rail-based transportation. Meanwhile, container haulage is when goods are transported using these methods via industrial shipping containers.

Most companies will look to standard container haulage services. However, there are several types of haulage that should be considered, including;

  • Heavy haulage for larger and heavier items that may reduce the haulage vehicle’s speed.
  • Plant haulage which is used for heavy machinery used in manufacturing, agriculture, and other industrial settings.
  • Waste disposal haulage which can handle both waste material and recyclable goods while satisfying the regulations.
  • Hazardous material haulage for dealing with chemicals, explosives, and other dangerous goods.
  • Parcel haulage which is primarily used by companies that want to offer quick delivery services to their clients.
  • Fragile load haulage for glass and other delicate products, including items that need extra care due to their value.

In addition to understanding the haulage load types, it’s important to consider the different services that a company may need. For example, if you do not have a loading bay, a ‘wait and load’ container storage can manage the situation with a side-loading crane.

What is Container Transport?

In truth, many people and businesses use the terms container haulage and container transport interchangeably. However, container transport, also called freight transport, extends to cover goods transportation via sea and aircraft.

Once again, your services can extend beyond standard transport containers. Generally speaking, container freight transport additionally means that large quantities are being transported to another location where they are needed for processing, sorting, or consumption. For example, you could have items being delivered from a warehouse to a store.

Container transport may require a tail lift to overcome the logistical challenges of unloading large cargo. It is particularly commonplace when dealing with heavy containers that will transport goods and equipment via sea.

What is the Difference Between Container Transport & Container Haulage?

In many ways, the differences between the two types of goods transportation can be defined by semantics. However, there are some key differences including the type of transportation that may be used while freight container transport covers international trade as well as domestic trade – compared to haulage, which deals primarily with domestic endeavours.

Nevertheless, the two terms do describe similar processes that share far more qualities than differences. Likewise, they can be supported by ideas like drop and collect services that allow companies to adjust the situation to suit their needs. Whether using haulage or container transport, partnering with a specialist can create far smoother business operations.

If you need any haulage or transport services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

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