A new survey has found HGV drivers to be the least dangerous on the road, ahead of parents, couriers and coach drivers.

Of the 2,267 people surveyed by WMB Logistics, 22% said they believe lorry drivers to be the safest they encountered, narrowly beating parents (21%) to the top spot. The top five was rounded out by delivery drivers (13%), coach drivers (11%) and people who had recently passed their test (10%), while drivers of cars such as the BMW 1 Series, the Vauxhall Corsa and the Ford C-Max were considered to be the least safe on the road.

The survey also found that four in five drivers believe men to be more dangerous on the road than women, while almost half consider the least safe age to be between 25 and 35 years old. When asked how they would respond to dangerous driving on the road, 58% of drivers said they would continue driving as normal while increasing their vigilance, although 30% said they would slow their speed to increase the distance between themselves and the offending motorist.

Interestingly, although all 2,267 drivers polled considered themselves to be safe drivers, 67% admitted that they had driven in an unsafe manner in the previous twelve months, with those polled confessing to speeding, undertaking, and not using their indicators.

WMB Logistics’ poll was designed to shed some light on how drivers in the UK view road safety, with respondents questioned on everything from their opinions of other drivers to their own safety on the road. The survey took in 2,267 British drivers who are over the age of 18, have a driving license and own their own car.

Time and Training Make the Difference

According to the drivers polled, the main reasons for considering lorry drivers to be the safest motorists are the amount of time spent on the road and the extensive training they receive, with delivery drivers and coach drivers viewed as competent on the road for the same reasons. Parents and new drivers are seen as safe due to their assumed inclination towards cautious driving.

A spokesperson for WMB Logistics said: “It’s great to see that lorry drivers are considered to be the safest on the road … That being said, if you see someone on the road you consider to be unsafe, give them plenty of space, slow down if you need to – where safe to do so – and stay calm.”

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