With almost 80% of the world’s cargo being moved via haulage transport, there are many different services required in the process of transporting large volumes of goods by rail, road, ship, and air.

The logistics involved in certain haulage operations require the use of specialised equipment, tools and highly skilled workmen to ensure a successful outcome for all involved.

These requirements can often be underestimated which is why our consultancy service can help you to identify your needs early on in the process. This avoids costly mistakes and the potential for poor customer service which can have a damaging effect on your business’ reputation.

One of the most common types of specialised equipment used in the logistics industry is a tail lift trailer which ensures large haulage goods are loaded and unloaded safely and without damage. There are many benefits that tail lift trailers can bring to your business operations and customers as this article will explain below.

All About Tail Lifts

What is a Tail Lift?

Tail lift trailers are mechanically operated devices that attach to the back of a vehicle, such as a van or lorry, which are used to directly load and unload large haulage smoothly. By raising goods from ground level to the level of the vehicle loading bed large haulage loads can be easily unloaded without risk of damage, incident or injury.

The Benefits of a Tail Lift Trailer

There are many ways in which a tail lift trailer can benefit your business:

  • Supply Chain Efficiency: Tail lifts are ideal for vehicle operators that professionally move goods into and out of their vehicles often several times a day. Such equipment can help to reduce delivery times thereby bringing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the supply chain.
  • Reduced Handling of Goods: Tail lifts reduce the amount of times goods need to be handled during the loading and unloading process. As goods can be directly transported from one point to another the risk of damage, theft and any consequential costs being incurred is also greatly reduced.
  • Heavy Loads Moved with Ease: Tail lifts can endure heavy weights making it easier to move large shipments without the need for equipment such as forklifts. They are particularly beneficial in allowing large trailers to be reloaded anywhere, ready for the return journey to port.

Flexible Freight Services from Transmode Logistics

To ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible, it is important to choose a logistics partner that has expertise in your business area. They can help you identify potential issues before they arise to ensure your business provides a seamless service that delivers complete customer satisfaction.

At Transmode, we believe we have the essential qualities needed in a logistics provider to meet your bespoke requirements using our up-to-date equipment and wealth of experience to provide you with a friendly, reliable, and consistent service.

If you would like to discuss our specialised equipment services, feel free to get in touch today or call our experienced team on 01394 675635.

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