When you’re out on the road, we know how important it is to firstly, stop regularly to limit overtiredness and secondly, when you do stop, the place has all the facilities needed. When driving a HGV vehicle, for obvious reasons you can’t just rock up to any old service station and hope for the best. There are multiple things to consider such as, do they accommodate vehicles of a certain size? Are there showers available? Or perhaps a place to sleep and rest?

At Transmode, we’ve been reviewing truck stops so you don’t have to! Take a look below for a full review of Tebay Services.

Where is Tebay Services located?

Tebay Services is located on the M6, Junction 38, specifically at the interchange with A685.

Is Truck Parking Available at Tebay Services?

The J38 truck stop has free parking available for up to 3 hours. However, they do offer overnight parking for just £18 with a £2 voucher for the farm shop and kitchen, £21 with a £5 voucher or £26 with £10 for food.

All of the overnight parking options include free use of the shower facilities.

Visit the Quick Kitchen to purchase your overnight parking ticket.

What Facilities are Available at Tebay Services?

Whilst use of the shower facilities does come with the overnight parking options, there are many other amenities available at Tebay Services.

The service station offers the following:

  • A farm shop
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Filling station (open 24 hours, with both hot and cold takeaway food available)
  • Overnight parking
  • Onsite HGV warden
  • 24 CCTV
  • Shower facilities and more
  • Dedicated refrigerated parking area
  • Diesel bunkering

The main building is fully wheelchair accessible. However, Tebay Southbound is wheelchair accessible apart from one section of the Kitchen Dining area which is located on the lower level and accessed via steps.

As well as HGV’s, coach and car drivers are also welcome.

What are the Opening Times for the Café at Tebay Service Truck Stop?

The J38 Café, located at the Tebay Services Truck stop, is open 7 days a week.

Monday – Friday: 7am – 10:30pm

Saturday: 7am – 3pm

Sunday: 7am – 7:30pm

However, please note these are just the opening hours for the café, and the filling station (with hot and cold takeaway available) is open 24 hours.

Does Tebay Service Truck Stop Accept Fuel Cards?

Key Fuels, UK Fuels, Morgan’s Fuel, and AS24 are accepted with an outdoor payment terminal.

The History of Tebay Services

Tebay Services was opened in 1972 by John and Barbara Dunning after the M6 motorway was built through their farm. This is still the foundation of all their offerings; in fact, their farmland still surrounds the truck stop and you can often see their livestock around the buildings.

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Tebay Services Truck Stop is a great spot to stop at, with all the amenities needed for a comfortable rest on a long-haul journey. Located just off the M6, it’s easy to get to for anyone needing to park up.

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