Transmode 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a crazy year – for everyone. Many people were confined to their homes, businesses changed from office-based to home-based and some didn’t survive the transition. But there were positives among the negatives; whilst some stock-piled food and toilet roll, others took up long-forgotten hobbies, spent time reflecting and baked (a lot of) banana bread. But most importantly, for us, the logistics industry kept on moving in the background, our services needed more than ever, we were happy to continue to deliver.

The start of lockdown coincided with the Chinese New Year, which is always a tough time of year for the transport industry, largely due to the slowdown in manufacturing in China. But when it was extended to account for the virus, we found ourselves under additional pressures. 

As the virus spread, the already understaffed ports found themselves under increased pressure due to illness; it was difficult to get our trucks on the port, let alone get the goods out. However, throughout this time, I have been impressed by the Transmode team. As the world around us enjoyed furlough in the summer months, the Transmode team remained laser-focused, ensuring everyone had all the essential fruits, vegetables and wine they needed to weather the COVID storm. 

Whilst the spring brought uncertainty, summer brought rapid growth. Since the end of June, Transmode has grown month-on-month and the team has been relentless in their resolve putting in the extra effort and going the extra mile during this period.

During this time we grew the team to include Dan Martin, one of our new traffic operators, which helped support us as business went from strength to strength. Over the course of the year, we expanded the number of clients we work with, as well as the number of new sub-contractors.

Right now, 2021 looks bright for Transmode and I feel positive and optimistic knowing that we have the right people in the business, able to brave any situation the world might throw at them. Our direction is clear and the management team are ready to move the business further forward next year.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone – our customers, colleagues and sub-contractors – who have been a part of this journey.  

Happy Christmas to all, we hope you’re able to enjoy a break over the festive period, arriving in 2021 looking forward to the future as we are.  


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