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Lorry drivers play a vital role in the transportation of goods; without them we wouldn’t be able to get products from A to B. However, despite the role being recognised as important, they can work various hours and conditions.

In this blog, we look at the typical working hours and conditions for lorry drivers including HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) subcontractors.

What Are A Lorry Driver’s Working Hours?

As mentioned above, the working hours of lorry drivers can vary depending on specific factors. This includes the type of haulage, distance travelled and the scheduling requirements. Due to the long hours sometimes needed, there are strict regulations in place to protect works; in the UK, these are set out in The Department of Transport (DfT). DfT have set limits on driving hours and mandatory rest periods which helps ensure road safety. A typical working day for a lorry driver might span 8 to 12 hours of driving, broken up with rest breaks as mandated by law.

Work Conditions For a Lorry Driver

Due to the nature of their work, lorry drivers often have to deal with unpredictable conditions as they drive long distances. This includes dealing with extreme weather, managing tight delivery schedules, and lone working.

Drivers must also ensure they can cope with the long hours behind the wheel and adhere to the regulations set out by the DfT.

What is the Role of an HGV Subcontractor?

Due to the high demand of drivers, subcontractors play a crucial role within logistics.

HGV Subcontractors offer drivers flexibility and scalability to meet fluctuating demand. They support both recruitment within the industry and the flow of business goods. These partnerships enable companies to optimise resources and expand their reach.

The role of the lorry driver remains as vital as ever and Transmode Logistics is proud to support subcontractors within the industry.

If you’re thinking about becoming a lorry driver please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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