Be Your Own Boss - Become a Haulage Contractor

The haulage industry has been prevalent in our lives for decades now, and this last year has highlighted its importance even more. Without the distribution of essential resources around the country, there would be severe shortages that could prove detrimental to many people’s lives.

If you’re thinking about a career change, haulage is definitely one to consider and here’s why.

Reasons for Switching to a Career in the Haulage Industry

Different Development Opportunities Available

The haulage industry isn’t just one-dimensional, there are so many different angles and aspects you can explore once you have joined. Opportunities for development are always available and encouraged amongst this sector, sometimes in areas which you were probably not expecting. You will be introduced to different subjects such as economics, mathematics, customer relations and international law, and will most likely be inspired to learn more about these as your career progresses alongside other job development and progression.

Every Day is Different, No Day is the Same

Working in the haulage industry means you also get to work within other different industries that you serve. Transporting goods all over the country to all sorts of different companies and industries means you will interact with them and get to know their operations better whilst on the job. As you know, every industry is different, so every day is essentially different too.

Different Locations, Locations, Locations

A career in the haulage industry isn’t limited to just one location, you can be based anywhere in the nation. Although activity is commonly concentrated around major ports, motorways, distribution centres, this doesn’t mean you to have to be based around them as they are easily commutable. Also, with sites like this scattered around the country, you are able to visit multiple locations in one day which is a perk you don’t get with other careers.

Available for All Education Levels

You don’t need a degree to become part of the logistics team; entry level jobs are available to all education levels and offer the opportunity to work up to different positions or managerial levels. As mentioned above, with a number of development prospects available and with a determined mindset, you can achieve almost anything within the haulage industry.

Become Part of a Bigger Community

With so many different branches that stretch to all parts of the country, you will meet a huge number of different people within the haulage industry. No matter whether you’re on the road or working in the warehouse, you will encounter a range of other likeminded people with the same passion as you. You will build up strong connections each and every day you work and become part of a network that brings many career and community benefits your way.

Become a Subcontractor at Transmode Logistics

After listing all of these advantages of working in the haulage industry, can you say you’re interested in joining us to start a career in the haulage industry? At Transmode Logistics, we have been in the haulage industry for over 12 years now and we’d love for subcontractors to join us.

To further discuss our subcontractors and subcontracting, please drop us an email or call us on 01394 675635.

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