A transmode lorry from the fleet that are all fitted with dashcams

Dashcam technology is helping to improve the safety and security of drivers and their vehicles, as well as other road users – and they’re becoming more and more common in HGVs.

Read on to learn more about the importance of dashcams for the trucking industry.

Why Every Truck Should Have a Dashcam

No professional fleet should be without dashcams. Improving performance and saving money in a variety of areas, a dash cam is a worthy investment for any fleet manager who wants to protect their business from false insurance claims and is interested in improving the safety of their drivers.

Reduces Fraudulent Claims

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is incredibly common, with opportunistic fraudsters attempting to cheat the system and make money from false claims every day. The good news is, dashcams can help exonerate innocent HGV drivers when fraudulent claims are made.

When an incident happens, truck dashcams allow fleet managers and insurance companies to see exactly what the driver saw as the event unfolded – rather than relying on eye witnesses who may remember what happened incorrectly or have motive to make false claims.

With dashcam video as evidence, decisions on who is at fault in traffic collisions can be made more accurately, which could potentially save hauliers thousands in increased insurance premiums and can mean claim resolutions are reached at a faster rate.

Potential for Lower Insurance Rates

Not only can dashcams significantly improve the validity of insurance claims made after traffic incidents, but they can also help to bring down the cost of insurance policies in general.

Installing dashcams signals to insurance providers that you care about the safety of your fleet, which can make you eligible for a discount.

Incentivises Safe Driving

Fleet managers who want to take an extra step to promote safer driving can offer their drivers incentives in exchange for consistent safe driving habits.

The safest drivers can be rewarded with something that recognises their good efforts, such as a quarterly bonus.

Improves Driver Training

Dashcam footage can be analysed by fleet managers and used to improve their driver training programmes.

When a safety-critical event occurs, the footage from this incident can be used to teach trainee HGV drivers what went wrong and how they can prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the future.

Better Fleet Security

Alongside all of the other benefits we’ve explored throughout this article, some dashcams also play an important role in protecting the security of fleets.

Some dashcams available on the market today stay in standby mode when the vehicle is parked, using motion detection technology to switch on in time to record attempted break-ins, thefts or acts of vandalism.

When combined with fleet tracking, this adds an additional layer of security.

Reliable Road Freight Transport Services from Transmode

As a logistics specialist, we provide flexible road transport solutions that our customers can trust and rely on – which is why our entire fleet of trucks are regularly serviced and are fitted with the latest GPS and safety technology.

If you’re interested in discussing your haulage requirements with a team that has developed a wealth of experience in all fields of the transport and logistics industry, get in touch with us today.

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